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A California native, Jacobs began formal watercolor studies at an early age and received the

BANK OF AMERICA “FINE ARTS AWARD” as a High School senior.

After initially attending the University of Wisconsin as an Art Major, she transferred to UCLA and received a B.A. Degree in Fine Art and Advertising Art.


Initial employment as a Disney Studio background-tracing artist was followed by several years as an illustrator for various graphic design studios.


She returned to painting in the early 90’s and has been juried into over 300 exhibits including State, National and International Shows. She has received “BEST OF SHOW” at juried competitions in Ojai, Oxnard and Ventura along with numerous other awards, including THE CITY OF THOUSAND OAKS “PURCHASE AWARD” in 1997 and 2000. The Art Rental & Sales Gallery of the LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART selected her paintings for exhibition in a group show in 2006. She is the 2010 recipient of The Thousand Oaks Regional Art Museum “FIRST PLACE MUSEUM CHOICE AWARD”.



Other museum exhibits include:


The Carnegie Art Museum, Elverhoy Museum, Ventura County Maritime Museum, San Bernardino County Museum and the Ojai Valley Museum.


Signature Member: International Society of Acrylic Painters; Signature Member: California Gold Coast Watercolor Society:

Member: Buenaventura Art Association; Thousand Oaks Art Association and Studio Channel Islands Art Center




As a serial artist I can explore various approaches to the same subject.


The “Native American Series” resulted in a 5-year effort and came from a lifelong interest in the legends, myths and spiritual beliefs of our indigenous people. Studying early photographs of tribal people inspired this personal tribute and led to the reconstruction of representational images into design concepts.


The “Pear Series”, including “Athletic Events with Pears” and the “Prudence Series”, differs in intent.  This subject suggests to me an alternative perception of reality.  My pears have their own unique existence, allowing them to sit or recline in surreal environments that “tweak” spatial relationships while inviting a sense of humor.  And pears are subjected to a quiet deluge of water in the “Diluted Pear” series.


The “Rock Series” is symbolic. Rocks, flowing downstream, illustrate “downstream thinking” – a philosophy allowing us to go with the flow of life rather than striving against its current.  Rocks, weathered through tumbling and turning, are reflections of the natural world, always evolving yet enduring.

The "Raven Series" is a way of  using this iconic bird as the main focal point of the design elements.

Not only has the crow been a subject of numerous literary works over the years, but also the crow can be found in many works of art throughout time.  This crow works perfectly as a silhouette, often black, as contrasted to other color choices throughout the design process.


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